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Quavaro is a company founded by avid travelers who have a slight obsession with bags. We are a husband and wife team who dreamed of creating a company producing stylish, high-quality travel bags for a very fair price.

Cesar has lived out of a bag since he turned 18. He joined the military and today he continues his services as a civilian in the Department of Defense. Between his official and personal travels, he had the opportunity to see over fifty countries—including three war deployments. So, as you can see, he has a lot of experience packing and unpacking bags!

Pial has dedicated her career within the International NGO field. After several years and various campaigns, she grew eager to visit the very places that she explored from sitting behind her desk. She then set out on her own journey to work on educational programs in India and Guatemala.

After our engagement, the travel bug spread to Pial as well. After many sacrifices: spending way less, saving way more and moving into the basement of our parents’, we saved enough money to travel together for a year and a half!

After our travels and foraging through boxes we sent home during travels, we realized that we bought a lot of bags and we might have a *bit* of an obsession.

These bags helped us collect many memories and got us around the world. We feel that bags are like those songs you hear that suddenly take you back to a memorable moment in your life…sometimes good and sometimes well…..just memorable.

We then realized, this could be a fun and interesting project that would allow us to continue traveling and to supply other travelers with “memory collectors” for a price that would leave them with extra cash to splurge on a little protein with their rice while traveling.

Who are we?

Quavaro is a brand that focuses on working with not only small and ethical factories, but with factories who treat their employees like family. We started our first project in León Mexico. We chose León for its centuries old reputation, for its high quality leather production, for its skilled craftsmen….and a small part for Cesar’s love of tacos!

We take great pride having spent the last several months on the ground in León, vetting factory after factory to find the perfect match for our high standards. It was a great pleasure working with such wonderful people and getting to know every individual who works on our bags.

With time, our idea is to produce bags in other leather capitals of the world. We can’t wait to plan our next project…..Istanbul, Buenos Aires or who knows where!