We use only full grain leathers for all of our products. Our hides are never embossed; we prefer the natural look of leathers, along with the imperfections. We source our leathers from a family-owned tannery that has been in operation for over 60 years.



Getting our canvas directly from the manufacturer gives us the opportunity to make special adaptations, such as the water-repellent applications, and select thicknesses for each design.



We use the world’s most respected and trusted zippers. We have developed a personal relationship with the YKK factory in Mexico and have had the opportunity to take a personal tour of the factory. What sets YKK apart is that all of their products are made exclusively with their proprietary machinery in order to meet their high standards of quality.


Internal reinforcements and reinforced hardware

The straps, handles and attachments of bags are always the most vulnerable areas. This is due to the friction between the leather and the hardware that occurs as you use the bag. We never want this to be an issue for you, which is why we double the leather on all hardware attachments. We take it to another level by adding strips of nylon tape inside each attachment. The nylon tape adds value in a few of ways: It absorbs some of the stress of carrying weight from the leather, reduces the stretching of the leather and friction from the hardware that occurs with time. Our industrial grade hardware and reinforced applications will be sure to support your precious cargo.


Hand-painted edges

We use top quality, stain-free paint and polish to refine the edges of cut leather. While the paint application requires extra time and intricate detail, we feel it is worth it to get that next level of elegance. We paint and polish the edges twice to ensure a refined and lasting application. In the photo, you can see how much of a difference the paint makes on the same piece of leather.


Quality Control

We stand behind our quality and products and make sure each bag meets all of our standards before being placed in your hands. Each completed bag is meticulously evaluated by three sets of eyes before reaching the final stage of pampering and cleaning by Cony!