Washingtonian Blue


  • This bag was produced in a small (18-22 producers) and ethical factory whose owner believes that creating a quality product doesn’t just derive from using quality materials but equally from the quality of the producers. Mr. Sanchez feels what separates his factory from others, is his strong belief in investing in passionate people and keeping them around for the long haul. His producers earn three to six times the minimum wage and are permanent employees. He strongly promotes continuous training so everyone grows both professionally and personally. He encourages people to cross-train on other stations of the production cycle to gain an understanding and appreciation for the entire process. Mr. Sanchez feels these elements contribute to the high retention and morale in his factory.

    This bag was made by Armando, Olga, Marco, Juan Oliva and Jorge! Each of them have at least 9 years of experience and had a vital role in the construction of this bag.

Colors available