Leather Workshops Mexico Leon


Quavaro Artisans is located in Leon, Guanajuato in Central Mexico. Leon has a history spanning for over 300 years in the leather industry. In addition to being a major leather capital, Leon is known as a shoe capital of the West. Quavaro Artisans was created in 2018 to enable the founders to set high standards in their workplace while designing and producing top-quality leather goods.

Quavaro Artisans’ factory is filled with talented artisans who are not only highly skilled but are also truly passionate about their trade. The goal of Quavaro Artisans is not to be the largest factory but to be one with the highest standards of quality, attention-to-detail and ethics.


We feel one of the most challenging tasks we have is to find and recruit the most qualified individuals to join our team. We not only consider their talents, but their level of passion and their character. With the effort that goes into finding one artisan, you better believe that we do everything we can to make them want to stay with us for the long haul. Paying our artisans well and providing benefits helps, but creating a respectful and positive environment is the key. Our culture is based on how we would like to live and work. That is why we only hire people we would like to work alongside of and offer a schedule that offers a life/work balance.


We personally source each piece of material that we use on our bags. We have managed to purchase nearly all of our materials directly from the factories that make them. This goes for our leathers, coming directly from a family-owned tannery that has been in operation for 60 years, and our zippers, coming directly from the YKK Factory just an hour away from the Quavaro Artisans’ factory.

Our Capability

We are a completely in-house production operation. We do not outsource our production. We create our molds, cut all of our materials by hand and even hand-paint the edges of our cut leathers. Our talented artisans enable us to complete each stage of production while maintaining full transparency on quality control and production. We hand clean and polish each bag after each QC is conducted. We even hand roll the paper that we use to stuff the bags!


Here at Quavaro Artisans, we consider ourselves as artists. We do things a little different; we do not pay per piece like other factories. We want our craftsmen to take their time and never rush their work. Quavaro Artisans wants to relieve the artisans’ pressure to earn. The artisans, knowing that they will earn a fair and consistent wage, are free to put their artistry and passion into their work. Because we treat our artisans with respect and as family, production moves smoothly. We have one of the most liberal work schedules in the city. Most all factories work Monday to Friday and half-days on Saturdays. Typical works days in these factories are 10 to 11 hours each day with 30 to45 mins for lunch. At Quavaro Artisans, we offer a work week starting at 8:00 AM and ending at 5:30 PM with 45-minute lunch breaks and 20-minute breakfast breaks.


We know that in order for our team to produce high-quality bags with great details, our team must be worry-free and able to focus. Here are the benefits offered to all of our artisans.

  • 1. Artisans receive full healthcare benefits for their entire family.
  • 2. “Aguinaldo”- A payment of two extra weeks of pay on Christmas.
  • 3. “Infonavit” – This is a housing loan program that guarantees Mexicans working for one year a guaranteed fixed rate loan. This loan allows all working class citizens to purchase a home. This loan is paid directly to the government from their employer.
  • 4. “Child Care” – Insured Mexicans are entitled to free child care while at work. There are no costs associated with the use of this benefit.
  • 5. “Pension” – Qualifying pensioners receive 100% of their average salary based on their last 4 years of employment. However, if the pension is prematurely drawn (before 65), the pension is percentage-based.

What sets us apart?

Each bag is produced in our small factory in Mexico. We stand behind our quality because we handpick each artisan, personally select all our own materials and spend 6-8 months working with the team at the factory.

  • We use only the highest grade materials that are tested and approved by us personally.
  • Design samples undergo rigorous scrutiny before we approve a master.
  • We take the extra steps and time to make all the reinforcements to make our bags stand the test of time. We see this extra time as time saved because we stand behind all of our products.
  • We buy 90% of our materials directly from factories with whom we have personal relationships, most of which are family-owned.
  • Our ethics and respect for our team is our strength and it shows all the way through each stich or rivet placed in a bag.