Which color handbag is the best?

December 18, 2020

Black leather travel bag

When investing in a high-quality and ethical handcrafted travel bag, most of the people worry about versatility. You want a piece that can go along everything on your closet!

Color is a key element of versatility. With several options in the market, we need to learn the basics about choosing and mixing colors to match your suits, dresses and outfits.

If that’s your case, keep reading.

Neutral colors

When thinking about a classic look, you might think of neutral colors: black, white and grey. Those color blend so well with any outfit! Any color combination can match a neutral color without disturbing the overall palette and it evens make an outfit more elegant.


Tan may become a neutral color very soon: it also matches with everything! Tan is the best solution to match any navy or brown outfit and a safe match for any casual outfit. Tan is a color you can also wear all seasons.

Blue or navy

Navy is also a great alternative to classic neutral colors. As with the tan color, they match everything. Any other color, besides black, looks great with a navy handbag.

Multicolor and bold colors

Bags in multicolor and bold colors are a great choice to add an accent to your outfit. They are the perfect match to any neutral color outfits or to match any hue among your clothing. If you want to look trendy, multicolor or bold colors are always the best choice.