Weekender bags: why you need one

August 18, 2020

Woman using weekender bag in León, Guanajuato

When it comes to travel, it is essential to have the perfect luggage. Modern travel demands practicality. If you typically go on business or weekend shorter trips a weekender bag may be already part of your collection. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, keep reading.

The best weekender bags are stylish but durable and that's why weekenders love them! Moreover, a weekender bag is also a bag that can be used for gym, yoga studios or family outings. It is a bag that you will love even if you’re not into travel.

What is a weekender bag?

In brief: a weekender bag is a travel bag designed to store enough stuff for a long weekend trip. It is a classic luggage piece that was created to be part of every traveller collection. Weekender bags commonly have a roughly rectangular size with enough capacity and an excess of style.

One of the big benefits of a weekender bag is that most of them qualify as a carry-on luggage for commercial flights. Yes! Forget the tedious check-ins.

There are several styles for each occasion. You may find weekender bags with a business style or even nautical/ sporting style for active users. Weekender bags are commonly built using materials such as ballistic nylon, canvas, leather or some combination.

Why a weekender bag?

Weekender bags are a great choice due to its combination of durability, style and versatility. They are large enough to fit your belongings, yet compact enough to stow in almost anywhere. Weekender bags have more key features than typical travel bags which make them an iconic and timeless classic.

Even if you're not a regular traveler, you may want one weekender bag in your collection for unexpected trips!