Ultimate guide to popular types of handbags

September 15, 2020

Types of leather bags

It’s common not to buy the correct bag for your particular use when shopping. Having so many options makes it an overwhelming task to decide which is best. Every new season a new collections of bags make their way to the store shelfs, we buy a new one and let the others collect dust. It happens all the time. It is best to buy a timeless piece, one that seems to never go out of style.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the many shopping options, we prepared a visual guide to help you find out the key types of bags everyone should have in their wardrobe including their characteristics and main function. Let’s get into it!


Tote bags are the ideal handbags whenever you need to bring along many of your belongings. They often have a larger capacity than any other handbag. They are available in several types of materials, from canvas to leather, and they usually have a square or rectangular shape.


A duffle bag is a large bag made of several types of materials, including canvas or leather. The name comes from Duffel, a town in Belgium where the duffel cloth originated in the 17th century. It is a great bag with enough capacity for weekend trips.


Messenger bags, also known as courier bags, originated in the 1950s by utility linemen. While there are endless styles of satchels and similar bags, real messenger bags include a long cross-body strap, buckles, clasps, zippers and a similar shape to briefcases. It is an ideal bag for a day-to-day basis.


A backpack, in its simplest form, is a cloth sack carried on one's back and secured with two straps that go over your shoulders. There are several types of bags according to your needs: basic daypacks, rucksacks, biking backpacks, hiking/trekking backpacks.


A satchel is a bag with a long cross-body strap that was initially used for carrying books. Yeah, books! This bag is the perfect solution whether you're heading to work or taking a night out. You can find satchel bags in several materials but leather is the most popular one.


A laptop bag is a backpack with a special compartment in which you can store your laptop. This type of bag helps you to protect your laptop against damage and dirt. Most of the laptop bags have multiple compartments for computer accessories.