Tote Bags Vs. Weekender Bags: Which is better?

July 22, 2020

Man Leather Duffel Bag

Weekend trips are always a fun way to connect with friends and family, visit new places and explore different cultures.

Times are challenging now for travel, but when things return to normal, we know you’ll be anxious to explore the world again.

If you need a good bag for your next getaway, you may have heard about tote bags and weekender bags. Both are a great options but made with different purposes in mind. 

What is a tote bag?

A tote is a large bag suitable for carrying (toting) lots of your belongings. Tote bags are also well known as carry-all bags. There are several options: tote bags of reusable cotton, leather handmade tote bags, tote bags of different sizes, tote bags with internal or external pockets, etc. A tote bag is always a comfortable way to carry all you may need in a day: books, laptop, gym clothes, etc.

What is a weekender bag?

A weekender is a bag which can be used as a piece of luggage with sufficient capacity to carry stuff for a couple of days. Weekender bags are perfect for a weekend getaway because you can carry clothing, footwear and other essentials for small trips. Most of the weekender bags have a top zippered closure that when it is fully unzipped, the bag opening is wide enough for easy access.

Different spaces & purposes

A duffel, a satchel, backpack or even tote bags can be named a weekender bag. However, weekender bags describe bags with an open top and two carrying handles. As we said previously, weekender bags often have more space than a tote bag because their purpose is to carry stuff for a couple of days. On the other hand, tote bags are ideal for daily use.

If you’re interested in a tote bag or a weekender bag, we invite you to discover our bags collection. We try to make something for everyone!