Tote Bags Vs. Satchel Bags, what's the difference?

January 18, 2021

Woman with vintage tote bag

Today we'll talk about the main differences between a satchel bag and a tote bag. The two share a common ground but there are specific distinctions between them. For example, a tote bag is always available in square or rectangular shapes, while satchel bags are mostly available in rectangular shapes.

Satchel bags became very popular among scholars during the 1700s. Satchel bags come in mid-to big sizes with two brief handles on top and a flat surface. They became very famous because they also come with a belt that crosses the body diagonally.

A tote bag typically comes with two handles. Tote bags are also known as "carry-all" bags because they are made with resistant materials that can handle heavy loads, such as leather or fabric.

The differences

There are several distinguishing factors that may be crucial for your choice when shopping for a new bag:

1. Straps: Consider how would you like to take the bag: on the shoulder or with your hands and make sure that the bag you choose has the number of straps that you need. Tote bags comes with one or two straps and satchel bags come with a larger strap that crosses your body.

2. Interior: Tote bags have larger space than a satchel bag. But if you would like a more organized interior space, a satchel bag may be the best for you. Satchel bags always come with zipping inside and dedicated pockets for your daily belongings. While tote bags have only one open room.

3. Material: The list of fabrics and materials that are used for bags is endless. Remember to always choose the most durable. Your bags need to be made of something that lasts. High-quality leather and fabrics are our favored two materials. They are both classic and durable!