Tips for cleaning and protecting leather during winter

September 15, 2020

Cleaning leather

Winter is one of the most popular seasons of the year. It is full of family gatherings with all the holidays,  and gathering with friends in coffee shops. As lovley as the season is, it is horrible for your leather goods. Cold and dry winter days such out all the moisture in leather and this is the time you should consider applying moisture care to your bags.

Did you know that cold weather can ruin a leather handbag or accessory like shoes or boots? If you live in a city where winter brings rain and snow, it is time to consider the proper maintenance and protection routines for your leather bag. Let us offer you some tips to preserve your favorite bag!

1. Avoid prolonged exposure to cold

Did you know that keeping your bag over freezing temperatures could dry out the leather's pores and cause the surface to crack and lose its suppleness? Avoid at all cost to keep your leather handbags in your car overnight or in exterior environments. Always try to keep your leather handbags in a temperature-controlled space.

2. Avoid rain and snow

Rain and snow can alter leather's texture and color. If you must be outside in extreme conditions, try to protect your bag using an umbrella, clothing, plastic bag, or whatever item you've got. Never use a hair dryer to dry your leather products, let it dry naturally.

3. Moisturize leather products

Don’t ever forget that leather is a natural skin. Just as you protect your skin, remember that the best way to protect leather in cold weather is to moisturize. You can do it every few months using an organic blend of wax and moisturizes to extend the life and beauty to your product.