Leather 101: types of leather

September 15, 2020

Leather 101: types of leather

We all know that leather has an excellent reputation for being durable and looking better with time. 

But for most average shoppers, leather is just leather. But did you know that manufacturers often use different types of leather, depending on the end product? In general, there are four types of leather: full grain leather, top grain leather, corrected grain leather and bonded leather.

If you want to learn more about these types of materials, keep reading!

Full grain leather

Full grain leather is the most common and popular material among the four types. It comes from the top layer of the hide. It includes all the grain with it - hence the name full grain. This type of leather retains the toughness of natural skin and is commonly used for high-quality products. 

Top Grain Leather

This is the second highest grade of leather. It is obtained from the top layer of skin from blemished hides. The surface is sanded to get rid of imperfections and it can be processed with pigmentation or staining to get an attractive look. It is used to produce suede and nubuck, two popular materials for fashion products.

Corrected grain

Also known as genuine leather, this material is produced using the skin layers that remain after the top is split off. This material tends to be tougher and it is commonly used in applications that do not require soft leather (furniture, seats, jackets, handbags, etc.) 

Bonded Leather

This material is made up of leftovers of the hide. It is the cheapest material of the four and it is commonly used to product low-end products like furniture, bookbinding, and several fashion accessories.