How to properly wear a backpack

December 18, 2020

Handmade leather backpack Washington DC

Is there a way to wear a backpack properly? Wether you use a backpack for school, work or travel, you need to learn how to wear it properly. Believe it or not, carrying a backpack properly can prevent long term shoulder, neck and back pains.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when wearing a backpack is that the weight of your pack should not be borne on your back. Weight should be on your shoulders or your hips.

Besides that, here you have some suggestions on how to wear a backpack properly:

1. Use the correct size

Make sure that the size of your backpack is not wider or longer than your torso. It should not hang more than 4 inches below your waistline. If it hangs too long, it can put extra pressure on your neck and shoulders.

2. Adjust the straps

Most of the backpacks come with adjustable straps for your shoulder. First thing to do before wearing your travel backpack is to make sure that it fits properly. Remember to adjust the straps until it fits snugly against your back and make sure both straps are an equal length to ensure that the weigh of your backpack is evenly distributed.

3. Distribute your stuff

When shopping for a new backpack, make sure that it has several different compartments. Having many compartments is very helpful when positioning the contents inside your backpack more effectively. Another great tip is to put the heaviest items in the compartments that will be closest to your body.

Adjusting your backpack will maximize comfort and safety, is there any other tip you would like to share?