How to Pack Toiletries and Makeup

September 15, 2020

Plastic bag with toiletries and makeup

Packing for travel is one of the most underrated talents. Trust us, once you master the art of packing for adventure, your life gets easier! Packing it is not only about clothing, it is about accessories and personal care accessories that are a very important part of your life.

Whether you have a pretty extensive skincare routine or use makeup basics, we feel that the next tips can help you better organize your next getaway!

1. Samples

If you want to save space and carry on less weight pack testers and samples. The next time you're planning to buy full-size products remember to ask for samples as well. Samplers are smaller and lighter than regular products which make them perfect for trips.

2. Divide into groups

Separate out anything with staining capabilities, like liquids, lotions, and such. Pack them by groups and use plastic bags to contain potential disasters.

3. Seal things off

Seal your products bottles that contain liquids such as shampoos, conditioners and any other bottle that may spill out. You can seal them off using a circle of Scotch tape.

4. Cushion the glass packages

This is a great tip for packing anything that's fragile or that comes in a glass container. First, put the contents inside a ziploc bag to prevent spills then wrap the contents using a t-shirt or a towel around it. This will help you to cushion it from any travel-induced jostling, while maximizing space using other materials.

How do you pack your toiletries? Please share your tips on the comments :)