How to pack for a weekend travel in a duffel bag

September 15, 2020

Man with duffel bag

Duffle bags are an ideal luggage for adventure and quick trips. Duffel bags are very different from suitcases. Among the main differences, duffels don't have wheels that could easily break, they take up less space than a normal suitcase, plus, they combine with everything!

Learning how to pack a duffel bag is easy with the next tips!

1. Put low-priority items first

Fill the bottom of your bag with items you won't need soon. You can start with clothing items like pajamas or pants. Then you can put small clothing items like underwear and socks. Reserve items like medication and toiletries for the outer pockets and compartments of your baggage.

2. Roll clothes

Another classic and timeless tip for travelers: roll your clothes, it will save you tons of space! Your clothing should be rolled into a cylindrical shape and placed in a row. It is also suggested to carry on only easy iron clothing.

3. Shake your bag

Yes, shake your bag! Once you have finished packing everything, jostle your bag. It will help your clothing to settle and will give your more space for extra packing!

4. Secure your bag

If you're flying, taking a train or a bus, remember to secure your bag with a small lock. This will help you to protect your baggage from potential theft.