How to clean a tote bag

December 18, 2020

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Tote bags have become an essential item in every fashionista wardrobe. It is a very useful and practical accessory that can be used in almost every occasion you can imagine: work, school, gym, picnics, travel, etc.

And like any other item, after numerous uses, your canvas tote bag can become dirty and may require cleaning. If that’s your case, we have prepared useful information on how to clean a canvas tote bag properly.

How often should I clean a tote bag?

The answer depends on how often you use your tote bags. If you use it almost every day, you should wash them frequently. As well, if you use your tote bags as a grocery bag, the best is to wash them after each shopping trip. Even if you don't use your tote bags every day, it's still important to wash them before their next trip!

How to store a tote bag?

Don't ever forget this: tote bags must be stored in a cool, dry space. This will prevent bacteria from growing on them while you don't use them. Never store a tote bag inside plastic bags and keep them flat or in an upright position to keep its original size. You can use white tissue paper to keep its shape.

How to clean your tote bag

Don't ever put your canvas bags in a washing machine. You can start with spot-clean as needed using mild and safe cleaning ingredients. You can use a damp washcloth, water and some soap. And as any other item, remember to let your tote bags be air dried!

In conclusion

These are some steps, tips and tricks on how to clean a canvas tote bag. If you have any other methods, feel free to share them with us!