How to choose a handbag for everyday use

December 18, 2020

Handbags for women handmade

When shopping for the perfect handbag, you will find endless models with different styles, materials and pricing.

But how to pick the perfect handbag is a tricky question, and reality is that the best handbag is the one that fits you. There is no perfect handbag for everyone.

With that in mind, we have some suggestions so you can pick the best handbag for yourself. Keep on reading!

1. Choosing the right size

Size is important when choosing a handbag for a daily use. To solve this question, you need to think about the stuff that you use every day and add a little more space for extra items. Then, choose a size that is proportionate to your body type. If you're short, the bag needs to be above your hips, if you're tall, it needs to end at your waistline.

2. The shape

The shape of your bag can influence your overall proportions and appearance. The general rule here is to go for a shape that is opposite of your body type. The rounder your physique is, the more structured and angular your bag should be and vice versa. It is not mandatory, but if you want to look stylish, it helps!

3. Style and color

If you already have a well-defined style, your bag needs to match it! If you love casual, forget about casual handbags. If you love formal, forget about sporty designs. And don't forget the color. If you're looking for a bag for all year long, go for a safe choice. Black and tan go with everything. Another great tip is to see what other colors go with your clothing palette. The general rule is to have two bags in neutral colors and on in an accent color.

4. Materials

Pick materials that are durable and tend to last longer than others. Bags are not cheap, so you need to invest in high-quality items. Tend to choose handbags made of leather or canvas and keep in mind the occasion, not all materials are for all occasions.