How to choose a backpack

July 22, 2020

Woman with Leather Backpack

What is the best backpack for you? What is the best quality backpack? What color backpack is the best? Have you ever had these questions?

Choosing a backpack is a personal decision that depends on what you’re doing, when and when you’re going and how long your trip/use would be. Knowing these things will make your life easier to find the best option for you.

If you’re still lost and have lots of doubts and questions, we prepared a small guide to help you find the answer to most of the common question in the journey of finding the best backpack:

1. Type and purpose

The main purpose of your backpack will guide the entire buying process. You need to have clear the purpose of purchasing a backpack: you’re planning to have a trekking adventure? You’re having an expedition? Will you use your backpack every day? Will you use your backpack for the gym?

2. Size and capacity

The type and purpose of your backpack will also influence the size and capacity of your backpack. Are you planning to use your backpack for weekends? Will you use your backpack for a long-term trip? Will you use your backpack every day? Based on your answer you may choose the capacity of your backpack that is commonly measured in liters.

3. Features & materials

Are you looking for specific features? Not all backpacks have the same attributes, but it is very important to have in mind your special needs. If you’re a techy soul, you may need organizational pockets for most of your gadgets, but there are other questions to make yourself: do you need compression straps? Do you need extra protection for rain?

Choosing a backpack may sound like a hard task but having the answers to these questions will make your choice easier. If you’re planning to purchase a new backpack, we invite you to discover our handmade leather backpacks!