How to Care for Leather

December 18, 2020

Care for leather

Leather is one of those materials that when care properly, lasts for years. You can find leather in several items including gear, apparel and everyday carry. Most people love it because it offers so many benefits, including protection, style, comfort and many more.

However, like most things, you need to care for leather with love. The most frequent you maintain your leather, the longer it will last and the better it will look. That’s why it is very important to understand how to maintain it.

Here you have a few tips on how to care for leather:

1. Clean it

Wipe away as much dirt as you can using a dry towel. If the dirt remains in your items, repeat this step using a damp cloth. It is highly suggested to clean dirtiness from your leather stuff almost every day. You may not see the dirt on your leather at first sight, but dirtiness is present every day you use your leather items on outdoor places.

2. Dry it

Especially when your leather gets wet because a sudden rain appeared in your way. Gently blot excess as soon as you can and let the rest to air dry. Never use a heat source to speed up the drying. When humidity is inside your travel bags or backpacks you can use newspaper to absorb moisture from the interior.

3. Condition it

Leather comes from animals, and like humans, their skin needs to be protected. Think about leather conditioners like skincare products. You can use a high-quality leather conditioner to protect your stuff. There are several options in the market that can help you to preserve the original appearance and look of your leather.

Remember: when you care for leather properly, it will become more beautiful, softer and there will be more opportunities for it to last longer!