How long does a leather bag last?

October 12, 2020

Wine Leather Bag Elegant

A leather bag is always a good investment. Leather is one of the most noble materials that properly cared can last decades. Remember: nothing lasts forever but a good quality leather bag made of the right materials can also be used by your grandchildren.

Full grain leather gets prettier with age. As the leather gets used and worn, you will start to see a change in color and a patina shine that gives it a nice glow. This combination will give your bags a unique and vibrant appearance.

Extend the life of your leather bag

To give your bag a decent and long life, you will need to consider two factors: storage and care.

Storage: remember to keep your leather bags stuffed to keep its original shape. Never expose your bags to the sun and try to keep it in a cool and dark place. If your bag is exposed to the sun light for a long time it may cause the leather to discolour.

Care: caring for your leather bags starts from day one. Use a damp cloth to remove dry dust/ dirt sitting on the surface of your bag and apply leather conditioner in a regular basis. Rehydration opens the pores of leather and lets it breathe.

The type of leather that last the longest

Essentially, how long your leather will last always depends on the quality of leather you start with. Based on the most popular types of leather we can say that a full grain leather is the best leather you can buy. Given the proper care, its look improves with time.

If you want a bag that will last longer pay attention to the type of leather. Some other good alternatives of materials are top grain leather, genuine leather and bonded leather. Always stay away from faux leather!