Handmade travel bags for women who travel in style

October 12, 2020

Women Handmade Travel Bag

Most of us love travel! One of the best ways to escape from reality and get to know new cultures and places. But due to the pandemic of this year, our lifestyle changed. And once we’re finally allowed to leave our houses, don’t you think we should do it in style?

If you’re a stylish traveler, you know this: finding the perfect travel bag is not as easy and straightforward as shopping for an everyday handbag. When in travel, safety and practicality are priority, and that might be something hard to find in a bag.

Luckily, here are our picks for the best handmade bags for traveling, whether you are looking to take a week-long escape, a weekend getaway or a day trip. Keep reading!


This weekender bag is one of the most loved bags across our collection. The shape of this bag was inspired by vintage aviation and it was made with water-resistant materials – which is always helpful when traveling. This weekender bag is perfect for weekend getaways!

Handmade travel bags Mexico


The Falcon is a leather travel bag ideal for week-long escapes or even a day trip. As the Albatross, this carry-on bag has a water-resistant interior and it features 3 exterior pockets for easy access to your daily essentials.

Handmade Duffel Bag Mexico


This tote-bag is a great option for day trips. The sleek design of this bag is one of the most versatile across our collection. This bag is very handy for many purposes – the gym, work and even shopping.

Handmade Travel Tote Bag Made in Mexico