Getting ready: Best handmade travel bags for Black Friday

October 12, 2020

Travel Handbags made with Leather

Black Friday 2020 is just around the corner. This year, Black Friday will take place on Friday November 27 and then the following Monday November 30 is Cyber Monday, the best day for online shopping. It’s that time of year when low prices are even lower!

Our Black Friday deals will be revealed soon, but with so many travel bag deals happening at once, it may feel overwhelming trying to navigate through them all. That’s why we prepared this guide with some tips to get the best handmade travel bag deals for Black Friday.

If you’re planning to get the best deals on travel bags, keep reading and get ready to shop like a pro!

1. Plan what you want to shop

Knowing what and where to shop will allow you to come up with a strategy and a budget in mind. Remember that Black Friday is one of the best ways to shop in advance up to 1 year. If you need a travel bag but at this moment, you’re not traveling enough due the pandemic, think in advance. Would you need a travel bag, a weekender bag or a duffel bag in one year?

2. Do your research before Black Friday

Get your research out prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some retailers start with deals one week before Black Friday and they finish up to one week later after Cyber Monday. As well, do your research and check the original prices before the deals, some retailers have the bad practice to increase the original price so they can offer a great discount.

 3. Look for Early-Bird Shopper Discounts

Most of the stores start Black Friday sales after midnight. If that’s the case, get ready for early-bird shopper discounts. Always try to check the list of stores and brands for holidays hours, so you don’t miss all the deals. And as always, get ready to shop online, it is the best way to avoid crowds.

4. Know store policies

Knowing a store’s policy will save you lots of time. If you’re planning to shop online during Black Friday always try to know the returns policy, warranties and terms and conditions. Some retailers include restocking fees and shorter return deadlines. So, get to know are the details to avoid surprises!

Are you ready for Black Friday 2020?