Convertible backpacks: the best of both worlds

August 18, 2020

Man using leather laptop bag

Convertible cars, transitional cribs, hybrid laptops and tablets. It seems that we as consumers are always looking for practicality, simplicity and functionality!

Bags that do double, even triple, duty? Yes, please. Because sometimes it is better to carry-on one bag and not two or three.

If you're obsessed with finding a stylish yet practical backpack, tote bag or everyday bag, you may have heard about convertible bags and backpacks. Yes, convertible backpacks.

What is a convertible backpack?

Leather Laptop Backpack Convertible Bag

A convertible backpack is the best of both worlds. It is a backpack that can be switched as a tote bag, a backpack or even as a briefcase. We say that it has the best of both worlds because you can have the practicality of a backpack, the space of a tote bag and the versatility of a briefcase.

Have you ever been into the dilemma of planning a short trip to the mountains and being in the necessity of carry-on two or different bags? Do you go to the gym after the office and have the necessity to carry-on a briefcase and a backpack? Convertible backpacks seem like the correct answer.

Osprey Blue Leather Convertible Tote Bag Backpack

And not just in the functional aspect. You can also benefit from the stylish look of every bag. You can have the elegance of a briefcase, the fanciness of a tote bag and the good-looking and casual appearance of a backpack.

If you need one bag to do everything, look for a convertible bag. Most of these bags come with multi-use straps that you can customize according to your needs. These bags can go from backpack to messenger bags with a few simple adjustments!

If you’re interested in a convertible backpack, we invite you to meet our DCA, Amelia and Osprey bags. You will be delighted!