Backpack Vs. Rucksack: the differences

September 15, 2020

Hiking mountain with leather backpack

There are types of bags: handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, etc. And among each type of bag there are several subtypes. Take backpacks for instance: hiking backpacks, messenger backpacks, classical backpacks, etc. And most people don't know the difference between each one.

But it is very normal. And when talking about backpacks you may have heard about rucksacks. If you have tried to figure out what's the difference between a backpack vs a rucksack but failed, keep reading! We will help you out to understand the differences.

Backpacks: "Backpack" is a term commonly used for bags made for holding on your back. In the US "backpack" is often used for large packs (50 liters and above capacity), however, space is not a restriction when talking about backpacks. A backpack generally has two shoulder straps and some of them may have a hip belt to transfer the weight of your backpack from your shoulders to your hips.

Rucksacks: A rucksack is actually a large "backpack". Its name comes from the German words "Rucken" which means "back" and "sack" which means "bag". A bag for your back. The main difference is that rucksacks are commonly used to refer to backpacks designed and used for hiking. On rucksacks, hip belts are mandatory as well as pockets and several belts for holding a more significant amount of equipment compared to a backpack. Rucksacks are commonly used by militaries.

Which one is better? Backpacks or rucksacks? 

In conclusion: none is better than the other one. As you have read, backpacks and rucksacks were designed and developed for different needs. One for a daily basis and another one for adventure and expeditions. 

Which one do you prefer?