3 other names for a man purse you should know

January 18, 2021

Bags for men

Bags are a must-have accessory that helps you to carry your everyday essentials. While there are certain types of bags that are very popular, did you know that there are over 100 types of bag in the market?

It is true that some types of bags share some attributes regarding their style and practical use. Also, it is true that some of these bags may have a different name depending on the region where you live.

Today, we will share you 3 other names that can be used to name a man purse. If you’re interested, keep reading!

1. Bro Bag or Bro sack

Bro sack or bro bag are two names used to describe a typical duffel bag. They are also used to describe a carry all purse or bag, for example a tote bag, backpack or a hobo. As well, a bro sack it is sometimes used to describe a gym bag for men.

2. Daddy sack

Yes: daddy sack. Another name used for a man's baby or infant bag. These types of bags are often designed to look like a messenger bag and often features pockets and interior organizers to store diapers or any other daddy essential. Yes, it is mainly used by dads!

3. Jackpacks

Jackpack or jack pack it is a term often used to describe a man's purse. The name was coined from the TV Show “24” and his main character Jack Bauer. Fans always claim that a jack pack is not a purse but a carrying case. It has enough space to carry an arsenal inside.

What other names do you know to name a bag?