3 classic bags that will never go out of style

December 18, 2020

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In a utopian world, we'd have a different bag for every season, event, outfit and day. But in the real world, our options are less, and this is the reason why we need to invest in timeless and versatile bags that will never go out of style.

When talking about versatility in bags, we are talking about bags that go along with everything in your closet and almost every occasion and event of your daily life. Whether it's a tote bag, a weekender bag or a backpack, the key is to opt for classic pieces.

Here we have our selection of the timeless classic handbags that never go out of style, keep reading!

1. Weekender bags

Weekender bags have become a basic piece of any collection very quickly. Those pieces are the kings of versatility because you can use it in almost any situation. The key to choose the perfect weekender bag is to choose a classic style in a neutral color.

2. Tote bags

Tote bags are a mix of fashion and utility. There are a wide variety of options and it's the perfect stylish carryall for busy people like you. You can use it for work, school, the gym, shopping or traveling.

3. Backpacks

Backpacks are great for any outdoor activity that involves more items than you can carry in your pockets. It is a classic and great choice for practical people that need to carry lots of stuff every day. A well-chosen backpack can las you forever!

Which "investment piece" is your favorite?